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"The most convincing Bruce Dickinson I've ever heard vocally...Dude NAILED it. Best vocals/frontman performance I've ever seen from a Maiden tribute show." 

"Wow...blown away by Eyes of the Nile - Iron Maiden Tribute last night at Tourist Inn. I think it's safe to say they stole the show....best Maiden tribute band I have EVER seen...AMAZING!!!"

"Great bunch of finely tuned professional musicians...best Maiden tribute I've seen!"

"Pics and vids couldn't capture the magic I witnessed last night. Awesome show Eyes of the Nile - Iron Maiden Tribute!"

"They were so polished...incredible energy and guitar skills!  Amazing..they stole the show!...Effortless performance and wicked energy!"

"They were awesome...flawless!"

"I mean, what local musicians can play Maiden with their intricate time changes and trade leads like Murray & Smith? No one around here can sing Bruce Dickinson note for skull crushing note, right? And you know damn well no one in this area can match the speed, power and gallop of Steve Harris on bass!  Take this lifelong Maiden fan's word for it and check these guys out! They can do all of those things I was skeptical about!...These guys took this old metal head back to 1982 sitting in my room with my head phones on with not a care in the world!"

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